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There is nothing more enjoyable than taking a nice, hot shower after a long day of work. However, if your water heater is not working properly, you may not be able to enjoy the warmth for long, or even at all. Our team is well licensed and trained to install, repair or service water heaters safely and effectively. We can confidently examine your gas line connections and determine if you have other hidden issues, such as excessive water pressure, causing the water heater problems.

Water Heater Repair Vs. Replacement

When most of our customers have issues with their water heaters, they often ask whether to repair or replace the entire unit. For newer water heaters, we recommend repairs. Our team will diagnose the cause of the problem and make the necessary repairs. If your water heater is more than 10 years old or is actively leaking, then replacement is the best solution.

Top 5 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

How to Choose the Right Water Heater

When buying a new water heater, there are a number of factors you should consider. First, you need to decide whether you want to install a conventional water heater or tankless unit. Tankless water heaters are not only energy-efficient, but they also provide a continuous supply of hot water. Our team can help you choose the best system for your home according to your needs and budget. We’ll make sure that all work is done to the highest possible industry standards and that you have the best-in-class warranties.

Annul Water Heater Flushing

Your tank-style water heater should be flushed at least once a year to keep it functioning optimally. Water heaters corrode on the inside due to the minerals in the water supply and slowly eat away at heating elements. Flushing your water heater helps to get rid of sediments that settle at the bottom of the storage tank, thereby increasing the lifespan of your system.
We offer 24/7 emergency services if your water is actively leaking, and committed to fixing your problems with the top-notch quality materials, and superior workmanship.

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