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Dave’s Air Conditioning Plumbing and Electrical is a premier provider of electrical repairs, upgrades and inspections. We are fully licensed and provide top quality services to keep your home and family protected. We have been in the industry since 2015. All our staff is highly trained and experienced. Improperly connected, faulty wiring and other electrical issues can pose serious risks. Additionally, older homes may not meet the current safety standards. Not only that but the old wiring and voltage may not be sufficient for the increased demand for modern electronics and appliances.

We offer 24-hour electrical services for homes and businesses in Spartanburg, SC and nearby areas. Other electrical services we offer include:

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Electrical Panels

If your home was built in the 90s and has never been updated, chances are that you have a Federal Pacific Electrical (FPE) electrical panel. An old electrical panel not only poses a dangerous risk to your home, but it also is ill-equipped to handle modern appliances. Too much demand can cause electrical shortages and may even burn out your fuse box! Don’t wait around to experience a shortage or outage, the highly experienced technicians at Dave’s Air Conditioning Plumbing and Electrical can inspect the effectiveness and safety of your home’s electrical panel and help you determine whether a replacement is necessary. We won’t recommend anything we deem unnecessary.
Here are some signs that may show it’s time to replace your home’s electrical panel:
Replacing an outdated electrical panel is a task that involves handling high amounts of voltage. It is highly advisable to leave the job to a professional. Do not attempt the task on your own or hand the task to a non established self called electrician. Hire the pros here at Dave’s Air Conditioning Plumbing & Electrical, our electricians are highly skilled and have the necessary training and tools to do the job right, safely and efficiently.
We will make sure that your new panel is working optimally and meets the required codes so your home or property is safe. We stand behind our work with lifetime guarantees and are dedicated to our customers’ safety above everything else. Please do not attempt to handle the task on your own or hire someone who claims to be a professional. Trust in Dave’s Air Conditioning Plumbing & Electrical and call the professionals now at (864)531-2121 to schedule an appointment.

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