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Your garbage disposal plays an important role in disposing of food scraps and waste to keep your home clean and odor-free. Like any other device, a garbage disposal can malfunction. Neglecting or delaying the repair can result in a kitchen nightmare. Lingering odors, persistent clogs, and backed-up sinks become unwelcome guests, making meal preparation a chore and potentially leading to costly plumbing problems. To avoid these hassles, you need a trusted partner like Dave’s Air Conditioning, Plumbing, & Electrical. We are a family-operated company dedicated to providing exceptional HVAC and plumbing solutions to our community. Our garbage disposal services in Spartanburg, SC, are tailored to ensure customer satisfaction and the optimal functioning of your plumbing system. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment.

Warning Signs That Your Garbage Disposal Needs Repair

Your garbage disposal quietly handles the dirty work in your kitchen, but when it’s struggling, it can quickly disrupt your daily routine. Recognizing the warning signs of a failing disposal is essential to preventing kitchen chaos and costly plumbing issues. Here are seven warning signs that your garbage disposal may need repair:

Address these warning signs promptly by contacting a professional for repair. Our expert plumbers are here to ensure your disposal is back to peak performance, grinding away food scraps and keeping your kitchen clean and odor-free. Reach out to us today at (864) 531-2121!

Garbage Disposal Replacement: Important Things To Know Before Installing One

Thinking of replacing your old garbage disposal unit? It’s a smart move for maintaining a functional kitchen, but there are crucial considerations to make the process smoother. Before you proceed with installation, here are five essential things you should know:
When replacing your garbage disposal, one of the most critical factors is ensuring the new unit’s size aligns with your sink’s configuration. Garbage disposals come in different dimensions, so choose one that fits snugly and complements your sink. Consider the depth of the sink, the available space under it, and the type of mounting necessary. Picking the right size ensures a seamless installation without any compatibility issues.
If your home relies on a septic system for wastewater treatment, it’s imperative to select a garbage disposal system that’s compatible with this setup. Not all disposals are designed to work efficiently with septic systems, and using the wrong one can lead to potential problems down the line. Go for a model explicitly labeled as septic-safe. These units are equipped with features that support proper waste processing in septic tanks, ensuring your system is operating smoothly.
Like any appliance, your new garbage disposal will require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Understanding and committing to the maintenance needs of your chosen model is vital. Garbage disposals benefit from periodic cleaning to remove residue and prevent odors. Some may also require manual rotation to prevent rust or corrosion. Familiarize yourself with these tasks and be prepared to follow them to keep your disposal in prime condition.
While some homeowners may be tempted to handle the installation themselves, hiring a professional plumber is often the wiser choice. Professional plumbers have the expertise to ensure your disposal is correctly installed, minimizing the risk of leaks and other issues down the line.
Replacing a garbage disposal can greatly improve your kitchen’s functionality. To ensure a smooth installation and get the most out of your new unit, consult a professional plumber who can guide you through the process, from selecting the right model to expert installation. Give us a call today to schedule your garbage disposal replacement in Spartanburg, SC, and surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

While some jams can be resolved by resetting the disposal, it’s often best to consult a professional to avoid further damage and ensure a proper fix.
Avoid disposing of hard items like bones or fibrous materials like celery, and run cold water while using the disposal to help prevent jams.
If your disposal is old, frequently malfunctioning, or requires costly repairs, it’s more cost-effective and efficient to replace it with a new unit.
The lifespan of a disposal can vary, but on average, it can last around 10 to 15 years with proper use and maintenance.

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