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Trenchless Pipe Repair in Spartanburg, SC and Surrounding Areas

Get your sewer lines repaired without damaging your front lawn or landscaping with revolutionary trenchless pipe lining. Call (864)531-2121 to speak to the pipe lining specialist at Dave’s Air Conditioning Plumbing & Electrical today!

Do you need sewer repairs in Spartanburg, SC and nearby areas of Greer, Greenville, Lyman and Duncan? Dave’s Air Conditioning Plumbing & Electrical offers the best no-dig trenchless sewer line repair. Why live with the traditional digging, stacks of dirt and having your entire lawn shredded when there’s a better and cost-effective approach? Our trenchless pipe lining system will have your sewer line repaired quickly and efficiently, without damaging your lawn, driveway or patio. Call us now to schedule an appointment with our friendly and highly experienced pipe lining specialists.

What is Trenchless Pipe Lining?

Trenchless pipe lining is a process of non-invasively rehabilitating and restoring pipes with structural and spray-in epoxy lining techniques. During a trenchless pipe lining process, our Spartanburg Plumbers will first perform a video camera inspection to find the location and severity of your sewer line problem and make a decision on how to best repair it. With pipe lining, a flexible material is inserted into the sewer line followed by a tube that is then inflated. Once the material has dried, the tube is deflated and removed and you are left with a sewer line that is smooth and free of breaks and cracks. We recommend pipe lining when the damaged area is small or minor.

Is Trenchless Pipe Lining a Cheaper Alternative for Sewer Line Repair?

When compared to the traditional sewer line repair techniques, trenchless pipe lining is relatively cheaper and easier. In fact, it is the most cost-effective option for relining sewer pipes. Trenchless repairs are less labor-intensive, which makes them more economical and generally faster than alternative repair options.

How Long Does Epoxy Pipe Lining Last?

When properly done, epoxy pipe lining can last up to 50 years, if not longer. At Dave’s Air Conditioning Plumbing & Electrical, we perform our trenchless pipe lining process to the minimum design life for 50 years according to ASTM standards.

Why Choose Trenchless Pipe Lining In Spartanburg, SC and Beyond?

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If you need trenchless pipe repair in Spartanburg, SC and surrounding areas, call Dave’s Air Conditioning Plumbing & Electrical. We are the experts the public trusts when it comes to sewer line repair and replacement. Be sure to check out our generous coupons and discounts so you can save money on your next plumbing or HVAC service. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

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